Is it? Males usually get surprised, when they learn that massage may be helpful for ED treatment. The truth is that it helps only if we speak of occasional or situational impotence. You don’t need to look for a professional to undergo a healing massage therapy.

Prostate Massage and Its Points


We all know that erectile dysfunction can be quickly and effectively treated with ED meds (PDE5 inhibitors, implants, penile plumps or injections). Yet all these options are excellent for cases of permanent issues. If yours are situational, look for curing and not treatment options.

Try the benefits of prostate massage to ease the very first signs and symptoms of impotence. It proved its efficacy long before the first medications and devices were introduced. Unfortunately, doctors have already forgotten that massage can be the primary treatment option for cases of occasional impotence. Even if ED is permanent, massage is allowed to be used along with prescription medications.

Massage techniques are effective in interrupting infections as well as eliminating fluids that are blocked within arteries and veins. Several studies have proven the efficacy we talk about. And though the studies weren’t durable, they are referred as reliable before more profound ones are expected.

What are the massage points? There are several of them that are viewed as very helpful in managing the condition:

  • #1 – on the lower back, 1.5 cm from the tip of the 2nd lumbar vertebra;
  • #2 – at the sacral foramen level, 1.5 cm from the posterior midline;
  • #3 – 1 cm above the public symphisis, on both sides of the midline.

What Are Massage Techniques?

There are two most popular ones:

  1. Ballooning technique

It is called to be highly effective, when it comes to impotence treatment, as it makes erections last longer. Regular massaging allows forget of premature ejaculation and assists in prolonging it. In order to last longer than usually it is suggested to perform the ballooning technique regularly and hold the ejaculation up to 5 times during the intercourse. This allows controlling the semen flowing from the penis.

When the penis is erected, massage the shaft, base, scrotum and pubis with oil. This is how you’ll manage to increase the flow of blood through the penile area. Hold up the ejaculation to accelerate testosterone metabolization.

Regular practicing arouses the growth in the Corpora Cavernosa that prolongs erections. Practice several times and you will see improvements.

  1. Milking technique

It is the commonest variant that resembles the procedure of drawing milk from cows. Use your thumb and forefinger. Surround the penis’ base. Apply some pressure holding the penis with your left hand and move forwards the shaft. When you reach the head, repeat the process with your right hand. It must be repeated around 15 times daily to increase the size of the penis and remove first ED symptoms.

Use Essential Oils

There are several essential oils that are proven to be very effective for cases of male’s erectile dysfunction. Their list includes:

  • Cardamom to enhance the sexuality feelings;
  • Rose for easing stress as well as calming nerves and assisting with frequent impotence;
  • Basil for calming nerves and arousing sexual instincts;
  • Ginger for melting cold emotions and increasing libido;
  • Ylang-ylang for improving one’s mood and attitude to life;
  • Clary sage for decreasing inhibitions and arousing emotions;
  • Cedarwood for calming sex-related anxiety;
  • Sandalwood for relieving depression and stress.

These oils are always highly concentrated. We suggest that only their small amount can be used for each massage procedure.

Types of Massage Devices

If you’d like to try out the benefits of prostate devices, you should better choose the examples that are created for this purpose only. Refuse from sex toys – they aren’t effective. Most devices must be inserted into the anus to provide vibration inside it. As long as the gland is very tender and fragile, the device must be inserted with caution. A safe massage relaxes the prostate gland, improves blood circulation in the area and reduces possible inflammation. There are non-sonic devices that work stimulating the prostate. As to external massagers, they are pretty small and can be used when sitting. They stimulate the spot right on the perineum.

In case you give way to a prostate massager, you will succeed in achieving and maintaining better erections faster. Such devices are also called to guarantee excellent sexual health. Both with massagers and regular techniques it may take weeks to notice first benefits. The severer the condition is, the more time must be spent, yet the effects from such techniques should not be underestimated.