Massage Is Worth Trying When It Comes to Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

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Is it? Males usually get surprised, when they learn that massage may be helpful for ED treatment. The truth is that it helps only if we speak of occasional or situational impotence. You don’t need to look for a professional to undergo a healing massage therapy.

Prostate Massage and Its Points


We all know that erectile dysfunction can be quickly and effectively treated with ED meds (PDE5 inhibitors, implants, penile plumps or injections). Yet all these options are excellent for cases of permanent issues. If yours are situational, look for curing and not treatment options.

Try the benefits of prostate massage to ease the very first signs and symptoms of impotence. It proved its efficacy long before the first medications and devices were introduced. Unfortunately, doctors have already forgotten that massage can be the primary treatment option for cases of occasional impotence. Even if ED is permanent, massage is allowed to be used along with prescription medications.

Massage techniques are effective in interrupting infections as well as eliminating fluids that are blocked within arteries and veins. Several studies have proven the efficacy we talk about. And though the studies weren’t durable, they are referred as reliable before more profound ones are expected.

What are the massage points? There are several of them that are viewed as very helpful in managing the condition:

  • #1 – on the lower back, 1.5 cm from the tip of the 2nd lumbar vertebra;
  • #2 – at the sacral foramen level, 1.5 cm from the posterior midline;
  • #3 – 1 cm above the public symphisis, on both sides of the midline.

What Are Massage Techniques?

There are two most popular ones:

  1. Ballooning technique

It is called to be highly effective, when it comes to impotence treatment, as it makes erections last longer. Regular massaging allows forget of premature ejaculation and assists in prolonging it. In order to last longer than usually it is suggested to perform the ballooning technique regularly and hold the ejaculation up to 5 times during the intercourse. This allows controlling the semen flowing from the penis.

When the penis is erected, massage the shaft, base, scrotum and pubis with oil. This is how you’ll manage to increase the flow of blood through the penile area. Hold up the ejaculation to accelerate testosterone metabolization.

Regular practicing arouses the growth in the Corpora Cavernosa that prolongs erections. Practice several times and you will see improvements.

  1. Milking technique

It is the commonest variant that resembles the procedure of drawing milk from cows. Use your thumb and forefinger. Surround the penis’ base. Apply some pressure holding the penis with your left hand and move forwards the shaft. When you reach the head, repeat the process with your right hand. It must be repeated around 15 times daily to increase the size of the penis and remove first ED symptoms.

Use Essential Oils

There are several essential oils that are proven to be very effective for cases of male’s erectile dysfunction. Their list includes:

  • Cardamom to enhance the sexuality feelings;
  • Rose for easing stress as well as calming nerves and assisting with frequent impotence;
  • Basil for calming nerves and arousing sexual instincts;
  • Ginger for melting cold emotions and increasing libido;
  • Ylang-ylang for improving one’s mood and attitude to life;
  • Clary sage for decreasing inhibitions and arousing emotions;
  • Cedarwood for calming sex-related anxiety;
  • Sandalwood for relieving depression and stress.

These oils are always highly concentrated. We suggest that only their small amount can be used for each massage procedure.

Types of Massage Devices

If you’d like to try out the benefits of prostate devices, you should better choose the examples that are created for this purpose only. Refuse from sex toys – they aren’t effective. Most devices must be inserted into the anus to provide vibration inside it. As long as the gland is very tender and fragile, the device must be inserted with caution. A safe massage relaxes the prostate gland, improves blood circulation in the area and reduces possible inflammation. There are non-sonic devices that work stimulating the prostate. As to external massagers, they are pretty small and can be used when sitting. They stimulate the spot right on the perineum.

In case you give way to a prostate massager, you will succeed in achieving and maintaining better erections faster. Such devices are also called to guarantee excellent sexual health. Both with massagers and regular techniques it may take weeks to notice first benefits. The severer the condition is, the more time must be spent, yet the effects from such techniques should not be underestimated.

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage Therapy

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Therapeutic massage is not your typical massage therapy. Rather than relaxation being the end goal, therapeutic massage targets the mental and physical ailments that affect you daily. Medical research has demonstrated that therapeutic massage has lasting health benefits including, but not limited to;  pain relief, reduced depression anxiety, increased flexibility, and lowered blood pressure. In this article we’ll examine ways in which therapeutic massage can be a powerful ally in your health regimen.

Stress Relief

Negative stress can have debilitating effects on the human body. Our personal and professional lives can pile on unhealthy amounts of stress, which can show itself in the form of physical pain or discomfort. Therapeutic massage lowers stress levels by slowing your heart rate, decreasing blood pressure and encouraging your muscles to relax. Massage therapy has also been show to reduce depression and anxiety. Just one massage can result in a notable decrease in stress.

Pain Relief

Many of us deal with acute to severe pain on a daily basis. Therapeutic massage is effective in treating pain without medication. Pain resulting from injury, chronic tension, poor flexibility and other causes can be dramatically reduced through bodywork. Massage therapy can be especially useful as a natural way to treat low back pain.

Injury Prevention

Injuries happen unexpectedly. We would all like to avoid them, if possible. However, your physical fitness largely determines the severity and recovery time due to injury. Therapeutic massage improves your range of motion, flexibility and has even been shown to boost your immune system. By incorporating massage therapy into your routine, you are less prone to injury.

Therapeutic massage has many other benefits and uses, which can read here. Tell us the health issue that you would like to solve and we’ll respond with a custom recommendation as to how you can use therapeutic massage to live a healthier lifestyle!

Health Benefits from Foot Massage

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For thousands of years people around the world have been using massage and reflexology techniques to improve the body, soul, and mind. When most people think of getting a massage, they too often forget about the importance of massaging their feet. Our feet get a lot of abuse throughout the day: from stuffing them into tight shoes to walking on them for hours upon hours; it just makes sense that your feet could highly benefit from having a great quality massage. If you’ve been interested in getting a foot massage machine for the home, there are a lot of key benefits that come with this decision.


Relaxation comes with all types of massages, but especially a massage involving the feet. Because your feet get a lot of use throughout the day, it’s great to be able to sit back and relax while a machine works to release the pressure from the heels and toes. The relaxation that you get can benefit you in more ways than just one. It’s a great way to relieve stress and to feel better physically and mentally after a long day of hard work. Many people find that when they are more relaxed throughout the day, they make better choices concerning their overall health and well-being. Relaxation is easy to get when you are able to sit back, unwind, and allow your feet to be pampered.

Improved Circulation

Having a massage machine touch, knead, and heat the feet is going to help tremendously with circulation. This is an ideal benefit for those who have very cold feet. Many people find that their feet get very cold, and this is a problem that has a lot to do with circulation. This is also a great benefit for those who have health conditions that cause problems with circulation. People who have type two diabetes and other circulatory-related issues can benefit from having their feet massaged on a routine basis because it helps the blood flow through the extremity. Obviously, it is a good idea to speak with a doctor about options for assisting with poor circulation. It is important to make sure there are no underlying medical causes.

Rejuvenation and Exfoliation

Rejuvenation and exfoliation are also benefits that come with using a foot massage machine at home. The improved circulation to the feet that comes with a massage is going to help to rejuvenate the skin in this area. You might find that your feet are less coarse and dry because of this. The skin might be brighter and softer because you are getting regular massages throughout the week. Just like you feel refreshed and ready to go after a restful night of sleep, your toes, arches, and heels will be in tip top condition to start working again.

Massage at Home

One of the absolute best benefits that comes with using a foot massage machine is that you can get a massage in the comfort of your own home. If you’ve ever been to a local spa you know how uncomfortable it can be to have another person massaging your own feet. With an actual machine, you can choose when and where you want to get your feet massaged. You can massage your feet while sitting in bed or you can do it while you’re watching television in the living room. You don’t have to make an appointment with a local spa and work around their hours of operation. Plus you don’t have to pay for each massage.

Getting a foot massage by using one of these amazing machines can benefit you in more ways than just one. Not only are you going to be improving circulation; you are also going to be able to rejuvenate and relax your entire body while saving money and time. You might choose to get a foot massage machine with all the bells and whistles or you might opt for a simple textured ball to roll under your arches for instant relief. You will absolutely love the fact that you can get a foot massage right in your own home, right when you need it, and right as you like it.

How do foot rubs and reflexology sessions make you feel? What do you think is the biggest benefit from your foot massages?

Foot Massages can Help Poor Circulation

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Poor circulation can be very uncomfortable, and it affects men, women, and children. If the problem is never addressed, it can lead to lifetime discomfort as well as other serious health problems. The regular use of foot massage machines or foot massagers can be one of the most effective treatments for circulation problems.

What is Poor Circulation?

You might be wondering what poor circulation is and how a foot massage machine can help improve it. Problems will start when blood flow becomes restricted in certain areas of the body. It is most noticeable in the toes and fingers, although it can affect other body parts as well.

There are a few reasons why this might happen. The most common causes are heart conditions such as plaque buildup in the arteries and obesity. This restricts the blood from traveling throughout the body. Other medical conditions, such as diabetes, Raynaud’s disease, or Hypothyroidism can also cause circulation problems. All these conditions can interfere with blood flow.

There are some specific symptoms of poor circulation. One of the most noticeable is a chronic feeling of coldness. It is common to feel chilly on a cold day, but if wearing socks or drinking some hot tea doesn’t cure it, there might be something more serious going on. Pins and needles is another symptom. People often feel this in their toes and fingers.

You may also experience severe fatigue during activity and cramping during periods of activity or rest. Swelling can occur especially in the extremities as blood is not being moved through the area efficiently. Keeping adequate blood flow through your limbs is important for healthy tissue.

Massaging for Relief

It is important that you talk to your doctor about your poor circulation. If there is an underlying cause, getting it checked out and under control is very important. A foot massage machine can help bring some relief. It doesn’t matter if you have a serious medical condition or if you suffer from mild circulation problems, using a massage machine is effective and will bring you some much needed relief.

Another aspect of this is called reflexology. There are pressure points on the feet that have been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. These pressure points can actually bring relief to various parts of the body. Massaging the feet on these points can ease headaches, soothe an uneasy stomach, or even help with insomnia.

If you suffer from cold feet, using a massaging foot machine can help warm you up. Most of these machines have some sort of warming feature. Relax with your feet tucked into the machine for even a few minutes and you will feel much warmer. This is great to use right before bed so you can fall asleep warm and comfortable.

There are many different kinds of machines you can use for better circulation in your feet. Depending on the kind of machine you choose to buy, there are a variety of features that will also help decrease stress and add some relaxation to your day.

Additional Benefits of Foot Massage Machines

Just because you are working to improve circulation does not mean that you cannot benefit from everything else a foot massage has to offer. Many people feel rejuvenated and relaxed after using their foot massaging machines. When we experience stress, our whole body can become tense. This often settles in your feet, causing aches and pains. Easing into a comfortable chair and sinking your feet into the machine helps massage away that stress. Heated or water machines bring a sense of bliss, easing your mind and helping your troubles melt away.

Most machines also exfoliate. Some models have attachments you can use specifically for exfoliation. Water machines usually have bubbles that accomplish the same thing. This means softer and healthier skin. People who are on their feet most of the day can truly benefit from this feature.
Options for Foot Massage Machines

Do your research to find the best machine for you. Some of them utilize water therapy while others do not. Some have attachments for exfoliation or for different massage techniques. No matter what machine you pick, you will experience some major relief from your poor circulation.

Poor circulation is a major problem experienced by many different people. Luckily, there are things you can do to ease the symptoms while at home and on a budget.

Do you have any experiences with poor circulation? What did you do to help the problem?

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

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A deep tissue massage goes beyond the superficial area of the muscles into a deeper layer where most of the chronic pain lies. Often because muscles are stiff or aching, the person has a limited range of motion, decreased energy and poor circulation. Although a deep tissue massage offers the client general benefits such as reduced stress and renewed energy, other deep tissue massage benefits induces mental clarity, released muscular restrictions as well as a quicker recovery time from an injury.

Improved Fascia Support

The fascia is the connective tissue that connects the muscles, nerves, blood vessels and bones together. It’s thought of as the tissue that literally holds the body together. Healthy fascia is lubricated. It’s elastic and supports physical movement. It appears to be thin and sheet like. However, as a person ages the connective tissue becomes thick and rigid. It becomes tough and makes the muscles harder to move. Other causes for a rigid fascia includes injury, repetitive movements or the lack of movement. An improperly working fascia causes a limited range of motion and sometimes muscle pain when moving them. A deep tissue massage benefits the fascia because the massage stretches, lengthens and loosens the area.

Sports Injury Recovery

A sports injury is an injury that results from the over use or small trauma to a particular body part during a certain activity. Although it’s generally related to athletes, it’s not restricted to them. Common sports injuries include a runner’s knee, tennis elbow, or a torn ligament, tendon or broken bone. The injury is characterized by a red, heated or swollen area. Acute or major pain may also be present.

A deep tissue massage benefits those with a sports injury because the massage allows the therapist to concentrate on the affected area. The sports-related massage stimulates the muscles and nervous system stretching out the overused muscles. The deep tissue massage also helps to remove waste from the muscles. It’s not necessary for a person to have a sports injury before receiving a deep tissue massage. Those who are proactive in receiving a deep tissue massage benefits from looser and stronger muscles. This helps to reduce the chance of an injury. A deep tissue massage also helps to detect any soft tissue issues and deal with them before a bigger problem occurs. Proper hydration also plays an apart in successful deep tissue massage therapy for sports injuries.

Improve Circulation and Breathing

Certain problems such as headaches, back aches, clogged arteries and cold hands and feet are a result of poor circulation. In most cases, the poor circulation is a result of the lactic acid that builds in the muscles. A deep tissue massage benefits those with circulatory problems because the pressure created by the massage on the congested area allows blood to flow freely. Once the pressure is released, new blood flows through the area. A deep tissue massage is not recommended for anyone with diabetes or have a risk of blood clots.

The moving, pulling and stretching of the muscle causes the lymph fluid to improve the body’s circulation allowing the metabolic waste created by the internal organs and muscles to be carried away. The improved circulation also gets rid of the lactic acid helping to lower the blood pressure while improving other body functions. A lower blood pressure helps to lower the risk for kidney failure, stroke and a heart attack.

The front and the back of the upper body contain accessory respiratory muscles and when these muscles are tightening or constricted it becomes hard to breath. Because the normal breathing patterns is disrupted, the person begins to take small shallow breathes. As a result of a deep tissue massage, the accessory respiratory muscles are lengthened. In addition to those without respiratory problems, a deep tissue massage benefits individuals with allergies, sinus problems, are bronchitis.

Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic pain is a long term effect of a restricted muscle. As time evolves, the restricted muscle constricts the muscle’s elasticity causing inflammation, adhesion, and pain. A deep tissue massage benefit chronic pain suffers because the pressure and motion loosens the muscle tissue and releases the toxins that were inhibiting the blood and oxygen from circulating freely. Because a deep tissue massage has slow concentrated strokes, it allows the therapist to use direct focused pressure on the area.

The occurrence of muscle spasms, a condition commonly associated with chronic pain, is reduced after a deep tissue massage session. Although anyone with pain can benefit from a deep tissue massage, individuals suffering from a stiff neck, posture problems, Fibromyalgia, sore shoulders, and lower back pain will receive the greatest amount of relief. After receiving a deep tissue massage, the client can expect to feel sore for a day. This is cause by the toxins being released in the body.

Appearance of Scar Tissue

Scars result from fibrous tissue that attempts to replace the normal tissue after injury. It’s a natural part of the body’s wound healing process. A deep tissue massage focuses on removing the scaring that associated with muscles tears and strains. Since the new scar tissue is not as resilient or flexible as the original tissue it’s easy to re-injure the same area.

Because of its deep penetration, a deep tissue massage benefits the client by breaking up the scar tissue, improve circulation and encourage proper healing in the muscle. It also helps to ease any pain and nerve problems associated with the scared area. The deep pressure removes any knots or adhesion in the area causing the tissue to heal in a normal pattern. In order to achieve the best results, receive a deep tissue massage within the first three months of injury because that’s the time frame where the body is in the wound healing process and the scar tissue begins to accumulate.

Effective treatment begins with massaging the superficial area with friction then penetrating into the deeper layers. Scar removal therapy is done with the therapist finger tips. Once the area with the fibrous tissue is reached, the therapist strums the fingers back and forth as if playing a string instrument.

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Boulder Massage

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We all know massage is amazing! I mean, come on! I may have one of the only jobs where people always leave with a smile on their face.

When it comes down to the basics, there are still many ways to keep that smile a lasting one.

1. Arrive Early

I know it sounds silly, and especially when you have so little time in the day, but showing up to your appointment early gets your mind and body ready to relax and release which are the general goals of your massage. When you book your next appointment, ask the receptionist to put in your notes to remind you to arrive for your massage 10 minutes before your actual appointment time.

2. Drink Water

This may be very obvious but a well-hydrated body will be much happier. Even before you start your massage, take the time to be well-hydrated. This does not mean drink so much that you have to get up in the middle of your massage; just make the intention to stay well-hydrated the whole day that your massage is scheduled. Also, a fully-hydrated body will let go of the toxins that store up in your body tissues, from stress and other things like foods and the environment, which will help your recovery time!

3. Breathe

This is not a joke and please do not ever stop! Really. When you focus on your breath during a massage, your mind relaxes more and brings you into the present moment. This is really where your body is wanting you to be. I mean, after all, you are giving your body some love and attention! Most of the day you ignore everything it is telling you. This is your chance to let it know how much you really care and hear what it has to say. The breath is also a magical tool in helping you to relax and release. (p.s. Dan is my favorite therapist when it comes to learning how to breathe during a massage. All you have to do is listen to his breath, and you will know just what to do with yours!)

4. Speak up!

Tell your therapist what you want. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t wait for it to change. Tell them. They are MT’s, not psychics. They may know a lot but reading minds is a whole other specialty. You will get the best massage if you know what you want and let your therapist know. They’ve heard it all before, so there is no need to be shy.

That’s all for now.