Therapeutic massage is not your typical massage therapy. Rather than relaxation being the end goal, therapeutic massage targets the mental and physical ailments that affect you daily. Medical research has demonstrated that therapeutic massage has lasting health benefits including, but not limited to;  pain relief, reduced depression anxiety, increased flexibility, and lowered blood pressure. In this article we’ll examine ways in which therapeutic massage can be a powerful ally in your health regimen.

Stress Relief

Negative stress can have debilitating effects on the human body. Our personal and professional lives can pile on unhealthy amounts of stress, which can show itself in the form of physical pain or discomfort. Therapeutic massage lowers stress levels by slowing your heart rate, decreasing blood pressure and encouraging your muscles to relax. Massage therapy has also been show to reduce depression and anxiety. Just one massage can result in a notable decrease in stress.

Pain Relief

Many of us deal with acute to severe pain on a daily basis. Therapeutic massage is effective in treating pain without medication. Pain resulting from injury, chronic tension, poor flexibility and other causes can be dramatically reduced through bodywork. Massage therapy can be especially useful as a natural way to treat low back pain.

Injury Prevention

Injuries happen unexpectedly. We would all like to avoid them, if possible. However, your physical fitness largely determines the severity and recovery time due to injury. Therapeutic massage improves your range of motion, flexibility and has even been shown to boost your immune system. By incorporating massage therapy into your routine, you are less prone to injury.

Therapeutic massage has many other benefits and uses, which can read here. Tell us the health issue that you would like to solve and we’ll respond with a custom recommendation as to how you can use therapeutic massage to live a healthier lifestyle!