We all know massage is amazing! I mean, come on! I may have one of the only jobs where people always leave with a smile on their face.

When it comes down to the basics, there are still many ways to keep that smile a lasting one.

1. Arrive Early

I know it sounds silly, and especially when you have so little time in the day, but showing up to your appointment early gets your mind and body ready to relax and release which are the general goals of your massage. When you book your next appointment, ask the receptionist to put in your notes to remind you to arrive for your massage 10 minutes before your actual appointment time.

2. Drink Water

This may be very obvious but a well-hydrated body will be much happier. Even before you start your massage, take the time to be well-hydrated. This does not mean drink so much that you have to get up in the middle of your massage; just make the intention to stay well-hydrated the whole day that your massage is scheduled. Also, a fully-hydrated body will let go of the toxins that store up in your body tissues, from stress and other things like foods and the environment, which will help your recovery time!

3. Breathe

This is not a joke and please do not ever stop! Really. When you focus on your breath during a massage, your mind relaxes more and brings you into the present moment. This is really where your body is wanting you to be. I mean, after all, you are giving your body some love and attention! Most of the day you ignore everything it is telling you. This is your chance to let it know how much you really care and hear what it has to say. The breath is also a magical tool in helping you to relax and release. (p.s. Dan is my favorite therapist when it comes to learning how to breathe during a massage. All you have to do is listen to his breath, and you will know just what to do with yours!)

4. Speak up!

Tell your therapist what you want. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t wait for it to change. Tell them. They are MT’s, not psychics. They may know a lot but reading minds is a whole other specialty. You will get the best massage if you know what you want and let your therapist know. They’ve heard it all before, so there is no need to be shy.

That’s all for now.